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Kim and Sam–Central Coast Wedding Photography

A simple brief for this one. “we want to have fun”. Done.


On an absolutely flawless day at Palm Beach, Kim and Sam tied the knot in this PerfectImages wedding. Sam and Kim didn’t want to spend too long away from their guests so after a quick photo shoot on the beach it was off to the party. And what a party. Great food, great location and fantastic people.


Thanks Sam and Kim for letting Grant and I share your most special day. When we’re having this much fun it’s hard to feel like it’s work. Man. I love our job on days like this one.



Sam an Kim-01

Sam an Kim-10

Sam an Kim-11

Sam an Kim-14

Sam an Kim-17

just the most picture perfect day

Sam an Kim-19

sometimes grant goes to great heights to get the shot……

Sam an Kim-20

Sam an Kim-22

Sam an Kim-23

Sam an Kim-26

Sam an Kim-28

Sam an Kim-30

you’ve just got to love a couple who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet.

Sam an Kim-34

Sam an Kim-37

Sam an Kim-39

Sam an Kim-40

Sam an Kim-41

Sam an Kim-30-4


Sam an Kim-30-2

Ebony, Candice and Aidan – Central Coast portrait Photography

I’ve led a sheltered life. Spent a year and a half riding a push bike through Africa. Another year living on an island. But I’d never been to Morpeth. How disgraceful of me.

Thankfully Ebony sorted me out. With her sister Candice and brother Aiden, I’m now proud to say I’ve done the 1 hour tour of Morpeth. And we took a few photos along the way so they can give their Mum the best birthday present possible. A little piece of themselves. Thanks guys. Had a great time. I hope your Mum loves the photos.

p.s. Go to Morpeth. It’s beautiful.













 FlashGordonPhotography-105 FlashGordonPhotography-106


 FlashGordonPhotography-107 FlashGordonPhotography-108














 FlashGordonPhotography-115 FlashGordonPhotography-116

MJ, Hans and Family–Central Coast Portrait Photography

MJ and Hans were the lucky recipients of one of our gift certificates. So they got to get a full photo shoot with their lovely kids for free. MJ wanted a relaxed, informal approach to the photos, so off we went to the beach. Digital cameras almost always have a colour output and we do the black and whites in post. With these guys I really liked the way black and white suited them and the day. So with no further delay.



























Thina and Ganesh – married

That smile. That’s what I’ll take away from our short time with Ganesh and Thina. In what was only a small PerfectImages wedding that Grant booked we found ourselves in the Domain in Sydney. These two wanted relaxed and that’s what they got. This wedding was a wonderful affair. But oh so short for Grant and i. While we would have loved more time to photograph this super photographic pair, we really did love the limited time we had. Photos were in the Domain and on the steps of the Art Gallery.





















Commercial Photography – Aberdeen Asset Management

Weddings are a labour of love, while commercial work pays the bills, right? Well not always. This week I had the distinct pleasure of being Ian Thorpe’s personal stalker for a couple of hours while he did the meet and greet at the Aberdeen Asset management 10 year anniversary. I’ve done celeb functions before where you could tell the “famous person” didn’t want to be there. But Ian was all class. He arrived early, left late and gave a great long talk. It’s hard to believe how young he still is and that it’s now a decade since his first Olympic gold medal. All in all Ian Thorpe is just a really nice guy.


And one of my favourite brides ever, Michelle, was there too. Still as stunning as the day we photographed her wedding.












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