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If you’re interested in photography or just photographic gear then this is the place to find out what Grant and I use and what we think of it.


Central Coast Wedding Photography with the Leica M9

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Steve Harnacke - April 28, 2014 - 8:03 pm

Hello , i have been a enthusiast photographer for around 5 years and next year i was thinking to open a small wedding photography business.I mainly shoot with the leica m9 and i was wondering if you could give me some advice.I am confident at focusing and i have mastered the camera but i just wanted to know your opinion on shooting a full wedding with the leica m9 and what would be a good backup body. Thank you

Best Regards
Steve Harnacke

Danny Yates - January 11, 2015 - 5:55 pm

I am writing to you to see if there is any advice you on photography you may be able to offer. I have just started do a course in digital photography to help increase my ability, process knowledge and quality of photo, with the possibility of giving me a chance of a career change in the future.
On one of the several Youtube video’s I have watch, it stated it is good to ask for advice from working photographers for that “mentoring” process that is good for any beginner.
I am 46, and at present I am no longer working full time, as I have gone onto a carer’s pension to help with my mother due to her health. This, along with some injuries I have from a car accident limits the range of work I can do, apart from the time factor (25hrs a week, with travel on the pension).
It will take some time I know, to develop the skills to be a half decent “freelance” photographer. Let alone build the contacts and reputation to make a decent business of it. Plus being a little bit of a perfectionist, having a little OCD and being my own biggest critic doesn’t help. LOL
I have been an amateur photographer for many years, but mainly just point and shoot. Though I have tried to learn more when I have had the time and now going onto carer’s I will have the time to study and work on it at home.
I have always enjoyed going to car and bike shows and taking photo’s while there, and if there is any chance I can develop a way to make a bit of an income out of it wouldn’t hurt.
I am based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, and my Facebook & Pinterest accounts are under dannylyates if you are interested in seeing any of the photo’s I have done and posted to them.
Thank you for your time, and thank you for any feedback you may offer.
Danny Yates.

Lucy Moore - September 5, 2015 - 7:50 pm

Hello There.

I hope it is okay to ask a question. I like your photograph style a lot and would value your opinion. I read on the Leica forum that you prefer the Sony FE 55 1.8 on the Sony rather than the 50 Lux asph. You like the Lux on the M9. I do too. I just left Leica for Sony and feel very worried that I made the correct decision. After years using Leica I never became fluent with the focusing and it obstructed my creative flow. A fast unobtrusive auto focus camera suits my small brain which can do just about one thing at time. The way the leica M9 and 50 Lux asph render has been my reason for sticking with Leica, the rendering is so important to me. I have had the A7R2 for 24 hours and I’m using it with my only lens, the leica Summilux 50 asph and hoping the manual focus assist will allow me to reap the benefit of the leica lens but with slightly easier focus technique. I am very interested in your comment that the FE55 performs better on the Sony than the Leica. I would be grateful if you would tell me which of your photos were taken with the FE 55 so I can compare. If this combo works well then I would be very happy to sell my Leica lens and have the much easier for me AF lens without compromising on IQ.
Sorry for the long email and many Thanks in advance ;o))

Best. Lucy

flash - September 8, 2015 - 9:40 am

Hi Lucy,

I think the 55mm 1.8 is the better lens on the Sony A7R2. It’s a stunning optic. It draws differently to the Leica combination as the Sony has the “Ziess” DNA built in. I have yet to hear from anyone who wasn’t happy with the Sony 55mm.

You need to keep in mind that there will be a difference in rendering. One isn’t better than the other but they are different. The CCD in the M9, complete with it’s lower dynamic range and outstanding per pixel sharpness looks different to pretty much anything, including the newer digital Leicas.

Here’s a sample from the original A7 with the 55mm 1.8.

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]DSC03908.jpg[/url] by [url=]Gordon Cahill[/url], on Flickr


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