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Kylie and James – Central Coast Wedding Photographer

It rained. It poured. The wind blew. You know. Your typical spring wedding day. Kylie looked stunning as did the bridesmaids but the mornings plans had to change. Instead of a seaplane ride we drove to the Hawksbury River and then by boat to the venue at Bare Point on the river. Grant and I have never shot here before. It’s only accessible by boat or sea plane. But it’s quiet and beautiful.

The clouds threatened all day and it rained in the morning. But by the time the ceremony came around the rain had stopped and we were left with overcast light. No racoon eyes to fix this week. It also means we can limit how much we need to use flash and get lovely natural tones in the photos. After a few weeks of testing it was also the first wedding that I used my new Leica 135mm f3.4 APO telyt in anger. It’s the longest lens available for the M9 and needs a really sensitive touch to get the focus just right. But it’s a fantastic optic. One of the best short telephotos in the world (and it should be for the price).

The ceremony was lovely. Kylie cried. James cried. Even Grant may have had a tear under that cold hard exterior. 😉

And the rain held off.

Enjoy the photos. There’s more in the client gallery section.


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